Apple Lightning Cable 8 Pin For iPhone / iPad

The lightning cable is a charger cable created by apple to charge iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

This cable uses 8 pin technology.

lightning cable

The characteristics of original lightning cable are:

  • Original lightning cable is backed up using a carton. There is also a mold (1m). While the fake one is just wrapped using plastic
  • On original cable there is no line of halves at the end of its PORT. All parts blend seamlessly with no connection
  • The color of copper on the original cable is bright yellow while on the fake cable is pale yellow
  • Original cable is made of high quality materials and protected the original almunium, so when the charging is faster than the fake cable
  • The speed of original cable charging is very fast. Namely for 1% battery takes 1 minute only on the iPhone 5
  • Fake cable has a rigid physical and when bent does not get behind itself. If original cable is supple. Being bent later can long behind itself

Compatible For:

  • IPhone 5 / 5S,
  • IPhone 6/6 plus,
  • IPhone 6S / 6S plus,
  • IPhone SE,
  • IPad 4,
  • IPad Mini 1,
  • IPad Mini 2,
  • IPad Mini 3,
  • IPad Air 1,
  • IPad Air 2,
  • IPad Pro,
  • IPod Touch 5,
  • IPod Touch 6,
  • IPod Nano 7

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