ASUS F556UA-AS54 Review

ASUS F556UA-AS54 is the kind made to be efficient in its work. However, it is still capable of working reliably and intuitively for you.

Laptops are not only made to be wonderfully reliable in their performance. There are some of them that are made to work efficiently for you too. That being said, it does not necessarily mean that the laptops will be so bad in their performance if they are made so. Let us give you one example to prove it true. Here, we suggest you to give your attention to ASUS F556UA-AS54 as cheap laptop under $500. Below are the notable features it has to offer for you.


Reliable Processor for Reliable Performance. Sure, every laptop user would be so care about the laptop’s performance. When it comes to that, you’ve got to take a look at its processor. You don’t have to worry though. The laptop we suggest to you here comes with Intel Core i5 processor. This is one of the decent series for laptops. So, you can expect good performance from it. Also, it is the latest 6th generation we can get here. Rather than decent, it is more reliable instead.

Big Enough RAM Memory to Execute Tasks. The reliability of the processor is further ensured by the memory of the RAM. The more you get, the better the laptop can execute more demanding tasks. Rest assured! This ASUS laptop is sure to come with up to 8GB RAM Memory. With that, it becomes possible for the laptop to speed things up more, boot up faster, and quickly launch applications. You can be sure to tackle basic to more demanding tasks every day with this reliable laptop here.

Long Lasting Battery Life for More Productivity. Even when this asus laptop seems to be reliable when it comes to its performance, you don’t need to question its efficiency. Even with such processor series and RAM above, this laptop can still be efficient in its power usage. Why? It is because there is Li-Polymer battery in it. With 700 charge cycles, you get 2.5 times of lifespan compared to standard Li-ion cylinder batteries. By retaining charge capacity, it offers long battery life.

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Intuitive Touchpad for Satisfying Navigation. So, what’s so intuitive about it? Of course, it refers to none other than its touchpad navigation. Why wouldn’t it be intuitive? This ASUS laptop does come with Smart Gesture multi-touch pad after all. Scrolling, zooming, swiping, and tapping with 3 fingers are possible because of that. Of course, all of them can be done with the touchpad having great levels of accurate and intuitive fingertip input. You will surely be satisfied when navigating it.

There you go. At least, these are the most notable features you can get from ASUS F556UA-A S54 Laptop. Of course, there are still other features coming with it. However, those features above should show you enough that this ASUS laptop sure is well built. It is made to be efficient in its work yet still offers reliable performance with its processor and RAM. Not to mention, it is accurately and intuitively easy to navigate with its touchpad.