Best Workstation Laptop MSI WT72 6QN Review

For choosing the kinds of best workstation laptop, MSI WT72 6QN can be one of the great considerations for you. Yes, it is a great laptop from MSI, which will be the best partner to assist your need. We all know that laptop needs the special specification in order to run the kind of games well. Here, this workstation laptop can cover all you need to play your favorite game. Let us see the detail of its specs below.

best workstation laptop

Jaw-dropping 4K display. For the display, the manufacture applies 17 inches as its size. It is one of the compact size for the gaming laptop to provide the clear display. The clear of the display is increased by the 3840 x 2160 pixels in its native resolution. The native resolution here will provide the sharp display with great color. Here, the manufacture says that this laptop will be nice providing full HD display. The tech of display also increases its durability. It is also able to decrease the UV light and safe the eyes.

Bouncy and bright keyboard. As the one of the best workstation laptop, the manufacture does some changes in its keyboard. Here, the manufacture applies the bouncy and bright keyboard to increase the comfortable sense when people using it. The keyboard is special with customizable backlight for beautiful sight. In other hand, based on the test of 10FastFinger, this keyboard can assist people to type up to 60 words per minutes. In other hand, the keyboard here is shaped smartly and has the compact size, so it will be matched with the speed of finger.

Killer graphic. Now, let us see the graphic of it. Graphic is one of the most important things inside laptop. Here, the manufacture applies NVIDIA Quadro M5500 GPU with 8 GB in size! See, it is one of the greatest graphic, which will provide the nice display for any kind of game. The use of the graphic card here is supported with the big of RAM. The size of RAM is 32GB. It is one of the biggest sizes of RAM inside laptop and I am sure that there will be no lag in running any kind of program.

Fast but not the fastest. Now, we move talking about the processor of it. People need to know that processor is the brain of laptop and the kind of the processor will influence the whole working of the laptop. Then, how about the processor of this nice and best gaming laptop? Here, the manufacture applies Intel Core i7-6920HQ as the basic processor. This processor will provide 2.9 GHZ in access speed. It is one of the fast processor but it is not the fastest one when we compare it with some other laptops. Well, based on the explanation above, we all know that this MSI laptop can be great choice for you. The manufacture says that the price of thisĀ best workstation laptop around $5000. Of course, it is one of a high price but it is appropriate when we see the specs and performance of it.