Keyllama 8Mb Usb Forensic Keylogger At A Glance

The keyllama 8mb usb forensic keylogger comes with a particular data storage features that make this usb flash disk a value buy at less than $100 price. It’s works with all versions of windows and linux.

Keyllama 8MB USB Forensic Keylogger

As a particular data storage, keyllama records everything typed on a usb keyboard. absolutely no software is required and keyllama is completely invisible to any software.

featuring time & date stamping and a full 8mb of memory, keyllama usb forensic has a special sealed battery inside to maintain the time & date information when the computer is turned off. this keylogger holds two full years’ of typing, making it an ideal backup for all your important work. it can also be used as a password protected stealth flash drive.

note: keyllama is invisible to the operating system when installed. only after you have entered the special key combination, will the keyllama appear on your computer as a usb flash drive, with a file containing the recorded text.

keyllama usb forensic

the keyllama usb forensic is an advanced usb hardware keylogger with 8mb of memory – two full years’ worth of typing! everything typed on the usb keyboard is captured and stored on the internal flash drive in a special file. time and date stamping allows you to see exactly when and how the computer was used. text data may be retrieved on any pc with a usb port and keyboard. data is accessed just like using a usb flash drive. of course, you can delete the recorded log and start over as often as you like.

keyllama forensic is advanced enough to be used by laws enforcement agencies around the world, yet simple enough for the least computer savvy parent to monitor their techno-whiz children!


*huge memory capacity – easy to erase again and again
*compatible with all usb keyboards – wired or wireless
*100% stealthy – lifetime guarantee against detection by anti-virus software
*no software or drivers required
*quick and easy national keyboard layout support
*strong encryption to help keep sensitive data safe
*12 month warranty

This keyllama 8mb usb forensic keylogger suitable for anyone who are looking for usb flash disk with works with all versions of windows and linux. time & date stamping. no software or drivers required. ultra compact and discrete, extends just 1.6″ when plugged in. proudly made in the usa.

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