Raoyi Waterproof Usb2 0 Silver Aluminum At A Glance

The combination of raoyi waterproof usb2 0 silver aluminum and reasonable price makes raoyi waterproof usb2 0 silver aluminum one of an excellent data storage on the market. It is simply the best deal usb flash disk for less than $30 price and has high rates from buyers.

RAOYI 32GB Waterproof Metal USB2.0 Flash Drive,Silver Aluminum Thumb Drive

As an excellent data storage, brand name:u07store

product name:u07store 32gb mini usb 2.0 flash drive metal pen drive, silver aluminium

net weight:about 5.67 g/item

durability: 50,000 times read and write

chip:grade a, original brand flash memory chip

unit size: 2.0″ x 0.47″ x 0.14″ (51mm x 12mm x 3.5mm)

operating temperatures:32º f to 140º f (0º c to 60º c)

storage temperatures: -4º f to 185º f (-20º c to 85º c) 

interface:usb 2.0 compatible (backwards compatible with usb 1.1)

speed: writing speed: 3mb/s-6mb/s; reading speed: 6mb/s-12mb/s

compatibility:desktop, laptop, mac, tablet, speakers, television, car video system which has usb port and allows data transmission 

operating system:windows 98 second edition/nt/me/2000/xp/7/8.1/10 and above, it is also compatible with linux,mac os 10.3 and above

tips:the actual available capacity for data storage is less than what is listed on the products. as some of the listed capacity on a flash storage device is used for formatting and other functions, thus is not available for free data storage of users the usable space for each capacity is as below:32gb with usable storage space of 28.8 gb

u07store:u07store is a usb 2.0 flash drive that incorporates functionality and capability in a superb design. u07store stands out by its exquisite zinc alloy metal casing and its elegant titanium color. it features an ergonomic circular shape design at the end of the drive that allows more comfortable usage and grasp, it can be perfectly fitted on a key chain or in a bag holder. equipped with a super speed usb 2.0 interface, u07store enables a blazing fast data transfer that meets the demands for high speed and real efficiency.u07store comes with a life time warranty,widget application software which provides seven major back up and recuva recovery too.

This raoyi 32gb waterproof metal usb2.0 flash drive,silver aluminum thumb drive due for peoples who are searching for usb flash disk with material and design: the flash memory is made of aluminum, hard and wear-resistant, polished cover feels good and looks fashionable. interface type: usb2.0 port, offering you a stable and fast transmission, allows you share all kinds of documents, includes photos, music, videos and files. durable perfomance: with a function of water-resistant, dustproof, prevent high temperature, magnetic resistance and shock-resistant, make the memory sticks become a perfect data storage device for you in your daily life. portable and convenient: key ring shape and lightweight make it very suitable for your keychain; it looks just like a key. best service guarantee: lifetime manufacturer warranty, provide you with return and repaid service when you are in a trouble;.

Reviews by person who have picked this raoyi waterproof usb2 0 silver aluminum are worth information to make resolutions. During the time of writing this raoyi waterproof usb2 0 silver aluminum review, there have been more than 74 reviews on this site. Most of the reviews were greatly pleased and we give rating 4 from 5 for this raoyi 32gb waterproof metal usb2.0 flash drive,silver aluminum thumb drive. It more comfortable and better to pick this data storage since get to be able to hear how real users felt about picking this usb flash disks.

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