Corsair Flash Voyager Gtx 256Gb Usb 3.0 Flash Drive Key Pieces

The corsair flash voyager gtx 256gb usb 3.0 flash drive is one of a perfect data storage at under $180 price with a nice of usb flash disk appearance. It is powered by an ssd controller.

Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 256GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

As a perfect data storage, most usb drives are fast. until it’s time to copy a large file and you’re looking at a progress bar that lingers around too long. the solution? integrate an ssd controller into a drive. flash voyager gtx gives you transfer speed that rivals your pc’s solid-state drive. and, unlike some devices, flash voyager gtx delivers amazingly fast performance with large files, small files, and everything in between. it works with usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 ports on windows, os x and linux systems, with no driver installation necessary. and, all this technology is contained in a premium zinc alloy body with aluminum accents and an integrated keyring.
customer service / tech support: 1-888-222-4346 opt. 1

This corsair flash voyager gtx 256gb usb 3.0 flash drive due for someone who need usb flash disk with powered by an ssd controller. amazing performance. consistent performance. premium design. usb 3.0 and usb 2.0 compatible. universal operating system compatibility. 5 years warranty.

During the time of uploading this corsair flash voyager gtx 256gb usb 3.0 flash drive review, there have been more than 222 reviews on this site. Most of the reviews were highly pleased and we give rating 4.4 from 5 for this corsair flash voyager gtx 256gb usb 3.0 flash drive. It comfortable and better to get this data storage since get a chance to know how real buyers felt about purchasing this usb flash disks. Reviews by people who have used or previously ordered this corsair flash voyager 256gb drive are valuable tip to make selections.

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