Queue at iPhone 8 Launch in London Make Wonder

The lethargy of the iPhone 8 queue occurs in some countries where the initial marketing is held. As in Sydney, Australia until London, and England. No exception in the United States.

Media in the UK reported queue on iPhone 8 really quiet, the amount can be counted by the fingers. Though usually the new generation of iPhone is always greeted very enthusiastically by Apple fanboy, but not this time. So it makes you wonder.

iphone 8 queue

“The line in front of the Apple Store Regent Street in London is quieter than before, with only a few hard-line fans gathering, and there are only two teenagers appearing at the Apple Store in Glasgow,” the Guardian reported.

In Sydney as previously reported, there are only about 30 people queuing up from the usually hundreds. Likewise in Tokyo, the number of potential buyers who came not as much as before.

In the United States as Apple’s cage, the same thing happens. At the Apple Store San Francisco which is only about 2 hours away from Apple headquarters, there are about 80 prospective buyers in line. Far from the amount in the past where the queue could be transmitted up to several blocks.

As in China, which became an important market of Apple, talks about the sale of iPhone 8 in local social media is not as busy as usual. Indicating fans are less eager to welcome iPhone 8.

Predictably, the decline of the queue is due to many Apple fanboys are waiting for the iPhone X which can be ordered starting early November. Because if the iPhone 8 is similar to the iPhone 7, iPhone X is completely different with full-screen design and OLED technology.

“I think later the line will be more alive if the iPhone X is on sale,” said Ray Yokoyama, a Japanese citizen who participated in line up iPhone 8 in Tokyo.